Safety Measures

We cannot take off or land in a crowded place and we do not fly over or very close to human life. If Filming or Photographing in public place, as a safety measure a small area has to be cordoned off from public. We will be flying our Quad copter only in "line of sight" meaning the Quad copter operator should be able to see the Quad copter well and will keep it in close proximity. We will not fly our Quadcopter in adverse weather condition. We do not fly our Quad copter during or after sunset or before sunrise. Few exceptions can be made during the sunset depending on weather and light conditions. We do not fly, photograph or Film (land shot or aerial) near to High Tension Power Grid Line, Airports and Defense areas. If shoot in any certain places or area where local permission is required, In that case Client is responsible for acquiring permission from concern Authorities. 
No Fly Zone

Defense Area

High Tension Power grid


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