Q.1, How much do you charge for aerial shooting ?
Ans. Our Charges are location based, we can provide  quotation as per your requirements.
(50% Payment Advance Rest 50% Immediate after Shoot. By cash/Bank transfer, Taxes Extra. Data will handover only after 100% Payment received).

Q.2, Do I Need to pay extra for Operator ?
Ans. No ! our charges are inclusive of operator.

Q.3, What about Transportation & Accommodation ?
Ans. Party should pay all the expenses like Transportation, Food, Accommodation etc.(Ex. Mumbai) For both operator and attendant (where ever needed). if shoot is outside state (Maharashtra) We prefer Air Travel only, if in case it's not possible we travel at least by 2 tier A/c. Only. ( All Booking is to be done by Client only). If traveling is for more then 12 hours, then travel days charged accordingly.

Q.4, What if Shoot is for more then two days ? Do you offer any discount ?
Ans. Yes! if shoot is for more then two days, we request you to ask for quotation for it, so that we can offer our best price.

Q.5, What is you minimum Shooting requirements or Conditions ?
Ans. We will not fly under following conditions :-
Rainy, extremely windy, extremely closed to human life, at extreme fast speed, near heavily crowded area, near High Tension Power Grid, where GPS (Satellite) is not available and near Airport area or Defiance area, or in any other situation which is harmful for both.(Operator, Drone & Subject)

Q.6, Do we need to take any permission for aerial shoot ?
Ans. Yes ! you should need to take prior permission from local authorities first.

Q.7, What if shoot not done due to any of above reasons ?
Ans. In case shoot is not perform due to any of the above reasons party is liable to pay full payment.

Q.8, Can you fly indoors ?
Ans. Yes ! but for Indoor Flight height from ground is minimum 10 feet without obstetrical & without carpet on ground.

Q.9, Till how much height you can fly ?
Ans. We can fly only under permitted height & only in line of sight.

Q.10, Do we need to inform you earlier from the day of shoot ?
Ans. Yes ! if you inform us in advance time its easy to plan our schedule, we request you to at least inform us 4-5 days before shoot.

Q.11, What is flight time & Shoot time?
Ans. Maximum flight time per day is 1 to 1.5 hours, in part of 15 to 20 mins. per flight.
Maximum recording time per day is 30 to 45 min.
Min. Battery charging time is 1 .30 Hour Each Battery. ( We Provide 3 Battery's)
Charging point is to be provided by party.

For any other Queries please feel free to Contact us.

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